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Blood Lust

Blood Lust

von Sharon Arzillo
Hardcover - 9781440184826
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She awakens from another nightmare, only this time it's different...

For the past twelve years, Chloe Winters has worked with and among the most gruesome of beasts, as a homicide detective with the Los Baristas County Homicide Unit in downtown Los Angeles. Making sergeant two years ago was a struggle professionally and personally, but with a failing marriage behind her and a promising career ahead of her; it seems as though she is on top of the world.
Haunted by the memories of a young girl who suffered physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her mother, Chloe is about to find that her world is slowly closing in around her. One night, she is awakened by a noise and then by a smell that can only be one thing, fresh blood, and it's everywhere! Being a good detective, she immediately calls the person closest to her, so that he can also witness the sheer hideousness of the scene in her bedroom. Has her past finally caught up with her? As she struggles to finally find the happiness she has been seeking her entire life, can the one man who knows her the best save her before she becomes another statistic?


Verlag iUniverse
Ersterscheinung November 2009
Maße 222 mm x 145 mm x 13 mm
Gewicht 358 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9781440184826
Auflage Nicht bekannt
Seiten 172