Biomedical Nanomaterials

Biomedical Nanomaterials

Hardcover - 9783527337989
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The book discusses in a detailed manner various nanomaterials used for biomedical applications, including clinical applications, diagnosis and tissue engineering. After the presentation of an overview of biomedical nanomaterials, including their classification and applications, the first part of the book is devoted to biomedical nanomaterials for therapy applications. For example, polymer micelles, dendrimers, polymer-drug conjugates as well as antibody-drug conjugates are discussed with respect to their cancer drug delivery properties. The next parts discuss biomedical nanomaterials that are used for imaging, diagnosis and sensors, as well as for tissue engineering. In the final section, the safety of biomedical nanomaterials is elaborated.


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Ersterscheinung November 2016
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Format Hardcover
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