Atmospheric Aerosols: Life Cycles and Effects on Air Quality and Climate

Atmospheric Aerosols: Life Cycles and Effects on Air Quality and Climate

Hardcover - 9783527336456
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A look at the morphological, physical and chemical properties of aerosols from various natural and anthropogenic sources to better understand the role aerosol particles play in scattering and absorbing short and long-wave radiation.

Collating otherwise hard-to-find information, the book provides the in-depth knowledge needed to characterize the microphysical, chemical composition and radiative parameters that are fundamentally important in interactions with incoming solar as well as terrestrial radiation. Particular attention is paid to the indirect aerosol effects on climate occurring within the complex aerosol-cloud-atmosphere system, and the relevant impact of natural and anthropogenic aerosol particles on the air quality and environment, human health and our cultural heritage. A solution-oriented approach is adopted throughout, not only addressing the issues and dangers of these aerosols, but also presenting practicable ways of overcoming them.


Verlag Wiley VCH Verlag GmbH
Ersterscheinung Januar 2017
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Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783527336456
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