Aspectualizing Component Models: Implementation and Interferences Analysis

Aspectualizing Component Models: Implementation and Interferences Analysis

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von Abdelhakim Hannousse


Using Aspect-oriented programming to model non-modular concerns in Component-based software engineering ensures better modularity and reusability of components. In this book, we provide a model independent approach for modeling aspects in component models. In the approach we model aspects as wrappers on views of component systems. A view describes an adequate component system configuration where all the components of interest of an aspect are encapsulated in the same composite. For declarative definition of views, we provide a declarative language VIL. We illustrate how views are implemented in component models (e.g., Fractal component model). We provide a formal framework for aspect interferences analysis. In the framework, component systems and aspects are modeled as automata and Uppaal model checker is used for the detection of aspect interferences. For interferences resolution, we provide a set of composition operators as templates to be instantiated for any two arbitrary aspects. Our approach is illustrated with a running example and a case study.

Tags: Informatik, EDV, Programmiersprachen

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