Aromatic Rice: Improving Yield and Quality through Cultural Practices

Aromatic Rice: Improving Yield and Quality through Cultural Practices

Taschenbuch - 9783844398229
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von M. Farid Hossain, M. S. U. Bhuiya, M. Ahmed


Consumer demand for the aromatic rice ishigher due to its aroma and taste. The quality of rice may be considered from the viewpoint of millingrecovery, grain size, shape, taste and flavor ofcooked rice. A wide gap between varietal potentialand farmers yield exists at the farm level due to use of poor quality seeds, low management practices and inadequate use of inputs. Cultivation of aromatic rice is becoming popular due to its remunerative price and huge export potential. The productivity and quality of the aromatic rice depend on the environmental condition of the area and the crop management practices. The manipulation of cultural practices such as cultivation of varieties having high yield potential, adjustment oftransplanting date, planting method, fertilizer application & harvesting time in seasons to obtainhigher grain yield and quality. Most of the information on this group of rice is scattered widely in literature. Chapters in the book have been contributed by the eminent scientists who are actively involved in research on aromatic rice.The publication is intended to serve aromatic rice growers,scientists, teachers and students of agriculture.

Tags: Biologie

Taschenbuch - 9783844398229
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