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Arktouros: Hellenic Studies presented to Bernard M. W. Knox on the occasion of his 65th birthday

Arktouros: Hellenic Studies presented to Bernard M. W. Knox on the occasion of his 65th birthday

Hardcover - 9783110077988
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Frontmatter -- Preface -- Contents -- Epic and Lyric Poetry -- Originality and Intentionality / PERADOTTO, JOHN -- “A Thousand Shapes of Death”: Heroic Immortality in the Iliad / RUBINO, CARL A. -- Is Hector androphonos? / WHALLON, WILLIAM -- Form und Funktion des Weltaltermythos bei Hesiod / MATTHIESSEN, KJELD -- Sappho’s Circumstances / FINLEY, JOHN Η. -- Sappho and Acheron / BOEDEKER, DEBORAH D. -- Kynaithos, Polycrates, and the Homeric Hymn to Apollo / BURKERT, WALTER -- Pindar’s Myths: Two Pragmatic Explanations / SLATER, WILLIAM J. -- καὶ κείνοις: Pindar, Nemean 5.22 / FOGELMARK, STAFFAN -- Poetry as Pharmakon in Theocritus’ Idyll 2 / GRIFFITHS, FREDERICK Τ. -- Drama -- O suitably – attired-in-leather-boots. Interpolations in Greek Tragedy / HASLAM, MICHAEL W. -- Attossa’s Absence in the Final Scene of the Persae of Aeschylus / DWORACKI, SYLWESTER -- A Problem of Attribution at Aeschylus Supplices 1055: Stephanus’ Source / MCCALL, MARSH Η. -- Recognizing what when and why? The Recognition Scene in Aeschylus’ Choephori / MEJER, JØRGEN -- Yielding to Forethought: Sophocles’ Ajax / TAPLIN, OLIVER -- On the ‘Eye’ and the ‘Phallos’ and Other Permutabilities, in Oedipus Rex / PUCCI, PlETRO -- Sophocles, Electra 1087; Text and Context / STOKES, MICHAEL C. -- A Note on Lions and Sophocles, Philoctetes / WOLFF, CHRISTIAN -- Solar Imagery and Tragic Heroism in Euripides’ Hippolytus / SEGAL, CHARLES P. -- Helen and Persephone, Sparta and Demeter. The ‘Demeter Ode’ in Euripides’ Helen / ROBINSON, DAVID Β. -- Iphigeneia in Love / SMITH, WESLEY D. -- Sacrificial Ritual in the Bacchae / SEIDENSTICKER, BERND -- “Let Them Eat Cakes” – Three Food Notes to Aristophanes’ Peace / RECKFORD, KENNETH J. -- Boy Actors in New Comedy / SIFAKIS, GREGORY Μ. -- Optatives of Consent and Refusal / LATTIMORE, RICHMOND -- Society and History -- Hero Cult in the ‘Age of Homer’ and Earlier / PRICE, THEODORA HADZISTELIOU -- The Athenian Law against Hybris / GAGARIN, MICHAEL -- Polis Tyrannos: Zur Entstehung einer politischen Metapher / RAAFLAUB, KURT -- Leonidas the Regicide? Speculations on the death of Kleomenes I / HARVEY, DAVID -- Imperialism and Stasis in Fifth Century B.C. Ionia. A Frontier Redefined / BALCER, JACK MARTIN -- Thucydides 2.65.12 / CONNOR, W. ROBERT -- The Arche of Thucydides’ War / HUNTER, R . RAWLINGS III -- Poseidon Hippios am Kolonos und die athenischen Hippeis / SIEWERT, PETER -- Greek Rhetoric and History: the Case of Isocrates / HAMILTON, CHARLES D. -- Antigonus Surnamed Gonatas / BROWN, EDWIN L. -- A Metrical Epitaph from Phrygia / DREW-BEAR, THOMAS -- Philosophy -- “Nothing” as “Not-Being”: Some Literary Contexts That Bear on Plato / MOURELATOS, ALEXANDER P. D. -- Stars, Unseen Bodies and the Extent of the Earth in Anaxagoras’ Cosmogony: Three Problems and Their Simultaneous Solution / TIGNER, STEVEN S. -- Justice and Temperance in Republic IV / ROWE, CHRISTOPHER J. -- Socrates’ Prayer to Pan / CLAY, DISKIN -- The Acquiring of Philosophical Knowledge According to Plato’s Seventh Letter / SZLEZÁK, THOMAS ALEXANDER -- How Credible are Plato’s Myths? / WRIGHT, ROSEMARY -- Theophrastus on Fate and Character / FORTENBAUGH, WILLIAM W. -- History and Philosophy in Plutarch. Observations on Plutarch’s Lycurgus / SCHNEEWEISS, GERHART -- Plutarch as Molten Bronze: the Comparison at Amatorius 752D / HUBERT, MARTIN -- Themistius, The Last Peripatetic Commentator on Aristotle? / BLUMENTHAL, HENRY J. -- Xenophon of Ephesus and the Antithesis Historia-Philosophia / OLIVER, JAMES Η. -- Aftermath -- Some Loose Ends. A Metrical Note on Horace’s Satires / COMMAGER, STEELE -- Horaz II 13 / DÖNT, EUGEN -- Seneca’s Medea: The Elusive Triumph of Civilization / LAWALL, GILBERT -- Kaltblütiges Schnarchen. Zum literarischen Hintergrund der Vesuv-Briefe des jüngeren Plinius / GÖRLER, WOLDEMAR -- A New Papyrus Codex of the Sortes Astrampsychi / BROWNE, GERALD Μ. -- Ovid’s Metamorphoses, Planudes and Ausonians / FISHER, ELIZABETH ANN -- Marginalia Utopica. Acht Bemerkungen zur Utopie des Thomas Morus (1478–1978) / KYTZLER, BERNHARD -- Plates -- List of Plates -- Backmatter


Verlag De Gruyter
Ersterscheinung März 1980
Maße 239 mm x 172 mm x 35 mm
Gewicht 871 Gramm
Format Hardcover
ISBN-13 9783110077988
Auflage Reprint 2011
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