Archaeology of  Muzaffarnagar: A Region of the Great Epic Mahabharata

Archaeology of Muzaffarnagar: A Region of the Great Epic Mahabharata

Taschenbuch - 9783659107504
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von Omprakash Srivastav


The book is based on archaeological material, architectural remains and cultural traditions which the author happened to discover during exploration and physical survey of the prominent areas of the region. An attempt has been made to throw light on the past history and cultural traditions of the area in general. A meticulous study of findings comprising coins, sculptures, terracotta, ceramics and other objects of archaeological interest provide a vivid and lucid picture from the proto-historic period to the advent of the Christian era. The exploration in the area enabled us to discover of 171 archaeologically very important and rich sites. During the physical survey of various sites a lot of fragments of basins, bowls, dishes, jars vases and vessels etc. belonging to Late Harappan, OCP, PGW, NBPW, Black-Slipped Ware, Red ware and the Early Historic and Medieval pottery were discovered and collected. The present book makes an attempt to highlight the archaeological and historical importance of the rich source material.

Tags: Geschichte, Kulturgeschichte

Taschenbuch - 9783659107504
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