Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises: An Alternative Form of FDI

Acquisitions of Chinese Enterprises: An Alternative Form of FDI

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von Sebastian Martin


Revision with unchanged content. Acquisitions are a form of foreign direct investments (FDI) in China and can be divided into asset and equity acquisitions. Both, equity and asset acqui­si­tions, can be conducted through a direct acquisition mode, meaning that the ac­tual transaction takes place inside China. Also, equity acquisitions can be carried out indirectly through the purchase of an offshore company, holding a Chinese foreign invested enterprise (FIE). In this way, the actual transaction takes place outside China. By acquiring an enterprise in China, the legal natures of the target as well as the industrial sector plays significant roles with regards to applicable laws and regulations. This book gives a detailed legal view on the different ap­pearances of acquisitions as well as available company forms and industries. Im­portant procedures and governmental agencies as well as the Antitrust-Law are discussed. Legal advisers as well as managers shall benefit from the book through a com­prehensive view on conducting acquisitions in China.

Tags: Wirtschaft, Internationale Wirtschaft

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